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Benefit's of the Pineal Gland   


                                               Paul Routley - Consultant / Trainer

 All Research and links are a combination of Personal Experience and Decades of Research,  trying to understand why I was different. 

This Knowledge / wisdom has been kept secret with no schools, books or organizations to refer to, until the present.  There are Natural Energy Events occurring before 2019.     

These energy events will be activating your Pineal Gland.  When this happens your body will understand the Importance of Detoxing your Pineal Gland.

This is just a fraction of what's going on 1%, but had to start somewhere.

Consultant / Training  - Course 1 of 13 - Pineal Gland A to Z - see video

Serving Winnipeg and Manitoba Area"s for Personal Consulting.

                                  - Fee's - Pineal Gland A to Z

Consultation for 1 person starts at $ 399.00 plus service call pending where you live.

Group Rates - 1/2 price $199.00 ( most affordable ) Min. 3 person.

This is 1 of 13 course's / consulting available to general Public.  

    Course Content - Pineal Gland - 3rd eye - Egyptian eye of Horus  A to Z - course 1

                                                                                                                                                                   - Hidden History                                                                                                                                     - How is this possible ( the Science )                                                                                                 - Attributes / Abilities not covered on Web Site                                                                             - Decalcifying Pineal Gland - Most effective fastest way, Healthiest way.                               - What to expect during decalcifying                                                                                               -  Why UFO's & ET's are linked to the Pineal Gland                                                                       - Activation methods A - Z                                                                                                                   - Negative attribute's ( energies ) that can arise if not properly taught.                                    Are you aware, from a science perspective, everything is energy.                                            one of many reason's why personnel training far exceeds video training                         -  Your Chakra or energy centers related to 3rd eye                                                                     - Spirit Energies - who - what - Why - When & Where                                                                 - If you do not want to be connected to the creator - This is not for you -

                                                    - Just the Fact's -                                                                                                                         Paul Routley  204 -296-2572


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All information and links are provided for Self Teaching

Consulting is designed to simply speed up the Process for those who are interested,  but designed that nobody is left out.    - Just the Fact's

Personal Training - Complexity  made simple.

The Pyramid connection - When you align the internal schematic of the pyramid,  over your brain's anatomy, it Aligns with your Pineal Gland Limbic System.  This is not a coincidence.  - Just the Fact's -