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Benefit's of the Pineal Gland   


Paul Routley - Consultant / Training  -  204 - 296-2572

Serving Winnipeg and Manitoba Area"s for Personal Consulting.


Personnel Consulting training, one on one, $499 plus travel.                                            available on Video soon. $299  Group rates available save 33% Value Consciousness 

   Benefits  to one on one or group training - Allow  your personal questions to customize your training.     video tape your training for  replay of content. When in group session benefit from multiple questions & answers.                                                                                                           all programs come with a return policy Guarantee    

                   Program content   - Pineal 3rd eye Spirituality Connection

- Incredible History - Past - Present & Future

- Science & record.    the different and incredible attributes the body is capable of.                                               - Natural human function when pineal is not calcified. 

- Personal decalcification of pineal gland, road blocks, experiences ( 5 Decades )

- Food - You are what you eat & more. ( includes daily decalcifying properties )                 

- Electrical Chakra system - basic system and its important & interconnectivity with the pineal gland.

- Meditation - why - how - cause & effect - results ( mental Consciousness )

- pineal gland symptoms and understanding, when decalcification begins. 


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                                                                                                                     Starts with a brief and incredible, ancient to present history, that is not in main stream school systems.                                                                                               Combine decades of science, personal and  public testimonials, to  cover a complete  "what to expect" teaching when your decalcification or connection process begins.                                       I cover personal history to assist YOU in what to excpect, what you will experience and what is important in this mass subject area.  Decalcification,  Food, Nutrition etc., are the key to      proper normal function of the pineal.                                                                                                                                                                              

- intuitiveness, clairvoyance, heightened awareness 

. less than 1%, until recently. See Pineal Gland / 3rd eye testimonial's for quick review.  

=- Pineal Gland Decalcifying. A to Z .  

- Chakra electrical ( energy ) system.                                                                                                 - 

                                  - Fee's - Pineal Gland A to Z

Consultation for 1 person starts at $ 399.00 plus service call pending where you live.

Group Rates - 1/2 price $199.00 ( most affordable ) Min. 3 person.

    Course Content - Pineal Gland - 3rd eye - Egyptian eye of Horus  A to Z - course 1

                                                                                                                                                                   - Hidden History                                                                                                                                     - How is this possible ( the Science )                                                                                                 - Attributes / Abilities not covered on Web Site                                                                             - Decalcifying Pineal Gland - Most effective fastest way, Healthiest way.                               - What to expect during decalcifying                                                                                               -  Why UFO's & ET's are linked to the Pineal Gland                                                                       - Activation methods A - Z                                                                                                                   - Negative attribute's ( energies ) that can arise if not properly taught.                                    Are you aware, from a science perspective, everything is energy.                                            one of many reason's why personnel training far exceeds video training                         -  Your Chakra or energy centers related to 3rd eye                                                                     - Spirit Energies - who - what - Why - When & Where                                                                 - If you do not want to be connected to the creator - This is not for you -

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The Pyramid connection - When you align the internal schematic of the pyramid,  over your brain's anatomy, it Aligns with your Pineal Gland Limbic System.  This is not a coincidence.  - Just the Fact's -