Universities, educators & companies teaching the Ancient Knowledge of spirituality & Devine wisdom. If you are a educator, and wish to be put on the list, please contact.

MindValley           mindvalley.com         -  Consciousness engineering -

Gaia                  Gaia.com                   -  Ancient Spiritual Schooling -

John Edwards       hayeshouseu.com         - Psychic Intuitive Abilities -

Berkley Institute     berkeleypsychic.com   -  Energy & intuitiveness - 

Psychic Study     Collegeofpsychicstudy.com     - Ancient  knowledge -

Delphi University      delphiu.com          Intuition   - Clairvoyance   -  Energy -

   Pineal Gland Science                      pdf file link              -  University of Negev -

 Paul Routley             extremegripp.com            Pineal science & activation a-z

College of Psychic Studies  colledgeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/courses  School

University of Virginiamed.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/ Reincarnation Studies

 Eckankar -  Spirituality & Divine Ancient Wisdom  https://www.eckankar.org

This is just a small list of educators.  Check your local area's.


Pineal Gland incredible attributes

- The pineal gland is the source and natural human function, that allowed the ancients to have a higher level of wisdom, health, life longevity, Spirituality and the MOST mind blowing Fact's , connection to the creator / source documented on all 4 corners on earth.  - Just the Fact's -

Documented attributes / superpowers                                                                                      - Healing -  Incredible energy healing abilities                                                                            - Intuition -                  -                                                                          


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