Sound Frequencies effect's Water - We are 70% Water - Just the Facts -

Just after World War 2, music recording's  where changed from 432Hz ( Natures Natural Frequency ) to 440Hz.       -  Why  -             Was 432Hz causing a problem.                                          They say, Don't fix it if it's not BROKEN.  They Fixed it any way. ( World Wide )   - WHY  -     440Hz simply off sets the Natural operating Frequencies of Your pineal gland.             This is just another item ADDED to the LIST of ATTRIBUTES that Lowers the Frequency of your Liquid Crystals in Your Pineal Gland.   - Just the Fact's -                                                       ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                        As a Clairvoyant / Intuitive Individual , I have Experimented with all the Attributes ( on this web site ) that tones DOWN your Pineal Gland Natural Abilities.                                      ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   In order to ASSIST our Human Bodies in Raising our Frequencies to  - Love or ABOVE Frequencies ( Christie Marie Sheldon and Science ) -  Sound Frequencies Effects our Bodies MORE than you THINK.  - Just the Facts -                                   Frequency is Everything

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