Doctors, Scientist and many specialist are Reporting SERIOUS side effects INCLUDING DEATH from Vaccines for Covid 19                                          - see video documentaries -   

Deaths from Vaccine 

Heart Failure by German Doctors

Kidney disease relapse after COVID 19 vaccine

17yr old Dies shortly after Given vaccine

Sudden Death after Covid Vaccine

Woman Dies 4 Days after Covid vaccine

Boy Dies 3 Days after Covid vaccine

23 Elderly die after Covid vaccine

Woman Dies After 2nd dose of vaccine

Sudden Deaths after Covid Vaccination

Scientist say Vaccine False Hope

CDC warns of Severe Side effects.

UK Government shuts down Vaccine 

DR Dhand - Alarming Excess Deaths, RISING world wide

Big Pharma Billion Dollar Law Suits & climbing 

Death by Heart Failure after vaccine

         Big Pharma Law Suits into the " Trillions"      - not a medical system - a money system -         - Just the Facts -

Huge lawsuits for              Y O U R   H E A L T H 

26 Billion in unlawful actions 

Billions in Lawsuits                 - W H A T -

Pfizer 2.6 Billion Lawsuit

More Lawsuits


                          people injured from Covid vaccine                                                                                                 World  Goverment Injury Progams

Severe Injury Causing Death

Doctor injured by   Vaccine report

MORE injury Causing Death

Woman Paralyzed from Vaccine

Research statistics          .

Many More Alarming Deaths

Pharmaceutical claim No RESPOSIBILITY   

Doctor shows blood Clotting from vaccine

2.8 Million in Human Damages Paid Out.

This is just the beginning

Italy Gov. Injury support programs     169 million dollars

Major Injury from vaccine

      World Goverment's Vaccine Injury Pay Out Programs LINKS

        Billion's of Dollars and climbing




See internet for allCountries


Many Injured, no Gov. help yet

This is your tax Dollar on booth sides of the coin

   - Just The Fact's -