Very Important Ancient Hidden Knowledge - Just the FACTS -

The Pineal gland third eye is ancient forgotten knowledge with Incredible scientific attributes that is only known by 1% in the western world but known Almong the most in the Eastern world.why is this.

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The pineal gland third eye has liquid crystals in it which allows us to connect to the universal energies.

This is a natural human function.

Sadly most of us pineal third eye is not working connected due to fluoride and other pollutants in our food system.

 I personally learned this the hard way as my father was a dentist and I was fluoride Extreme as a kid.

I put a stop to this quickly - which is also a separate Incredible story. See documentary & lawsuits to understand it is not good for

Autopsies show fluoride ends up and accumulates in the Pineal Gland which calcifies it and prevents the liquid crystals from doing their natural function connecting two Energies.

See decalcifying pineal gland for further reference ( just the facts )


      Healthy Pineal Gland

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 x-ray Calcified Pinial gland

Unbelievable true facts

- children knowing their previous reincarnated lives with documents and wisdom for 100% confirmation.
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- Einstein stated that his knowledge came to him in vision to his mind
- documented fact -
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- Nicholas Tesla
Stated his knowledge came to him in a vision he also stated on the record the existence of extraterrestreal life or simply other LIFE.
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- John Edwards TV show Crossing Over
He speaks to Spirit energies who have passed. Accurate mind blowing and real.
Unbelievable true facts
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- numerous highly intelligent very young children - worldwide.
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- Nostradamus accurate prophecies
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- The Amazing Kreskin Mentalist TV show
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- ancient civilizations had knowledge exceeding our own.
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- world top psychics - incredible accuracy and knowledge
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )

- top 1% millionaire billionaires
( pineal gland ? 3rd eye )


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