Real Science that is not in the MAIN Stream News  CHANGES everything- Just the Fact's - see Universities / Colleges / Educator's - Just the Fact's - 

Water Experiments Show Water has 2 Attributes that should not be but is  - Water has Concousness & Memory - This Change EVERYTHING -

The Pineal Gland is the Source of Higher Abilities, Attributes & Wisdom. It is under Chemical attack from a well BUILT system -Just the Facts -


This water Science has incredible properties that effect's your Health, Changes what you have been taught or KNOW,  and will prepare you for the most incredible hidden properties of WATER  - Just the Fact's -

                                                             -  Pineal Gland -  Simplified Science Explanation

                          Your Pineal Gland operates similar to your cell phone's Connection.  Your cell phone uses Crystal's to connect through the air waves to it's source energy's

                                          The Human Brain's Pineal Gland   has Liquid Crystal's   ( H2O is Important )  which connects it to Source Energies.       - Just the Fact's

These Source Energies when operating through a HEALTHY Pineal gland will allow a Greater Level of Consciousness - Wisdom - Health      Energy Healing is only possible through the attributes of your Pineal Gland. This is how the Ancient's lived longer, Healthier, Greater Wisdom and was able to Succeed Man Kind in Many Engineering Technologies 

                                                          Incredible  Water Science - Research - Documentary & More -

Incredible Science - Truth is Crazier than Science Fiction -                 - Just the Facts -

              Dr Masaru Emoto

 Water's Strange Properties                  Important H20 Fact's                       We are 70% Water

Dr Masaru Emoto - Pioneer in Water Technology - Properties & Hidden Traits that boggle the MIND and are proven science FACT'S.

                         Reproduction - Water Matter's - see Documentary

Frozen Water Molecules change when Influenced with Positive or Negative  words are attached to the Glass of Water. See Science Documentary.     - Just the Facts -             

                                                                H2O Science Experiments & Incredible Properties 

Pharmacy  -  Human anatomy  - Science

The Fact's that should be in our school's, Hospitals, Main stream New's, Etc

 The Limbic System, when operating healthy, combined with Ancient Wisdom of the body & Science, is the missing link to Self healing, Energy healing, longevity and MORE.

 Thousands of years ago, Man & Woman lived hundreds and hundred years longer than present.  It is documented by many past civilizations, spanning all four corners of the earth including the Holy Bible. 


the Matrix Simplified

To simplify the science   in the documentaries below   The following is a scientific fact

   The   M A T R I X  is partially  the study of Energy  ( E=MC2  ) which everything is made of  - Including our bodies - Along with The missing or Hidden Science, Which is now Scientifically proven, in which  Energy operates completely different  And can explain how People have Abilities that should not be ,  But is.   - Just The Fact's -  and it's Literally  out of a Sci Fi Movie.