Your Electrical System - History - Attributes  - Maintenance - Facts 

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Technology now allows you to see, map and compare your Electrical Aura  Energy   

        History                Hindu and India Text record the        History.                           .

Maintenance           Your Chakra's effect your Body.           see details                                                      ,




See Quantum Healing for additional energy Information.  Incredible Results & History

Your Electrical System is REAL.  Technology now allows us to See,Measure and MAP our fields.

Fields Require attention , Maintenance and Knowledge for optimum Results

Chakras are VERY Important. Why do you have to go to SPECIAL school's to learn the truth. ?

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Quantum & Energy Healing  - What the Ancient's practiced - Incredible Tallent


 Dolores Cannon - 50 year Career.        Back in the 1950's Dolores was the Pioneer in Energy Healing with unprecedented Results.                        

Don't need a Doctor after you see These FACTS

                                                 Practicing Energy Healers

                     Jeffery Allen

                     Donna Eden


Christie Marie Sheldon 


Marisa Peer